Our Approach

Understand ~ Our approach is to understand your security needs first.  Whether you are new to security, you are expanding, or you are looking for a change in direction; Johnstone Security will understand your needs.

Plan ~ Once we understand the requirements we will provide you a plan with a quote to address your security needs.

Execute ~ We will execute the plan and provide you with regular reporting and monitoring.

Our Story

Johnstone Security was established in Texas because there was a need to provide a higher more reliable form of security, while also providing excellent customer service.

In today's world, security and personal protection is becoming more necessary.  We have accepted this challenge with our mission to have the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any security company in the industry.

Whether we have one guard on post or we are securing a warehouse or college, we will make sure that the proper security protocols, schedules and monitoring are performed through supervision and care.

Next Steps...

Contact us and let us know how we can help protect your interests...